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Amanbo takes you to Zambia, Africa
Amanbo takes you to Zambia, Africa
2024-03-29 in Africa Geography
【Business Opportunities in Africa】China's Electric Vehicles Emerge in African Market, Will Usher in New Development Opportunities
Recently, prominent clean energy media outlet Cleantechnica noted that China's rising electric vehicle industry is rapidly penetrating the African market and beginning to have an increasingly significant impact on the continent's electrification process.
2023-09-26 in Import & Export
【Africa News】What Business Opportunities Lie in the Cashew Nut Industry in Côte d'Ivoire?
The cashew industry in Côte d'Ivoire is full of investment opportunities, and domestic investors can look for business opportunities in the areas of production, distribution and processing.
2023-09-26 in Africa in Diagrams
【Africa News】 The Market Landscape of the African Tobacco Industry
Africa is one of the world's top producers of tobacco of the finest quality, covering several grades of spiced and semi-spiced tobacco as well as filler leaf.
2023-09-26 in Africa Geography
【Africa News】Africa: A Key Player in the Global Tea Industry
The world's tea production is mainly located in Africa and Asia, with more than ten countries actively involved in tea cultivation in the former, mainly in East Africa, where a few countries also have tea industries in the central and southern regions.
2023-09-08 in Africa in Diagrams
Analysis of Africa's Mid-to-high-end Consumer Industry
Africa's population growth and urbanization have contributed significantly to its consumption levels, and it has become a popular destination for attracting investment in medium- and high-end consumer industries.
2023-09-04 in Africa Geography
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